Michelle Schaefer, CAS is owner of Bohemian Spirit Design: a writing, publishing, fine art (acrylic painting), and graphic design business.  She is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist (CAS) as well as an Ayurvedic Interior Design and Feng Shui consultant.

Schaefer’s artistic and detective-like brain drives her love of research and study into the nature of…everything. And to that end she continues to type and illustrate her knowledge into easily accessible material for both lay folks and not-so-lay folks. Her other interests lie in urban permaculture gardening and design, non-toxic home renovations, and living simply and frugally. She stays aligned with yoga, tai chi, kung fu, chi kung, quantum physics, and laughter.  And her greatest loves are inspiring joy, connection, and creative impulses in others.

“I always seem to be on the bottom of yet another learning curve. When I start to understand my current subject of interest and find myself finally surfing at the top of the ‘present’ learning curve, I begin to notice new things I’d like to learn.  Things that trigger my desire to understand deeper connections with the greater whole or things that trigger my frugal desire to do-it-myself propel me right back into the deep waters. Then it’s back I go to the bottom of yet another learning curve. Whether it is computer repair, a graphic design project, building a potting shed, understanding a philosophical discourse, or creating a mural on a lonely wall. It just must be done!” -Michelle