Graphic Design – Specializing in Logo Designs & Illustrations

Creating logos and informative graphics are some of my most satisfying types of artwork. I enjoy working to bring out the creativity in others as well as simplifying vast amounts of information in a way that enables the brain to process quickly, while maintaining the integrity of the information.
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Logo Design
A logo is not just another pretty face, it is your company’s essence boiled down into a a dynamic and easy to assimilate icon. This icon can be used to advertise and celebrate your business. Your graphic brand isn’t about how detailed or intricate your logo is–think about the Nike swish or the Target bulls eye–it is about encapsulating what your company stands for in a picture or a mark that can be reproduced and easily understood by your target market. The logo process is a dance between you and the artist (me). I first start off with the interview process, here I learn (or we learn together) what you want to include in your logo message.  It is helpful if you have on-hand any images of logos that you really like or really dislike so I can get a feel for where you are coming from. After the interview I create a proposal, research your company’s audience and competition, brainstorm, sketch, brainstorm, research, sketch, create then refine. At this point I will again meet with you, to get your feedback, then I will revise, and finalize the logo design.  From there I further refine by finding appropriate fonts and color, if needed. Many clients are happy to stop at that point while other clients may be interested in continuing the process to further tailor their logo. It is important to have an idea of your budget up front which will dictate the amount of time spent on designing, tailoring, and clean-up to create your finished work of art. These customized logos start at $250 and go up depending on complexity, creative process, and the amount of revisions/tailoring desired. I find that the process to creating a custom logo generally takes between 10 to 30 hours ($25 per hour).  
I specialize in melting down a quantity of information and remolding it into a graphic design, a quicker way to process the same information.  This design could be a small piece of clip art or it can compress four pages of print into one full page piece of artwork, with or without text.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words and in today’s ‘information age’ world this is especially important.  People are in-taking new information at an unprecedented rate thus the initial information has to be quickly to processed in order to make a person decide to stop and look deeper. Information used to be written up in a pyramid fashion, like you remember from school, in the order of intro, details, and conclusion/summary.  Now things are written the other way with the summary at the top, to snag interest. With a graphic design we can further shorten the brain’s processing time. I draw my finished illustrations using a stylus and pad, in Adobe Illustrator. Unlike a scanned copy or a .jpg these images are not pixel based but are instead vector based graphics (mathematically based). What this means for you is that your images should remain crisp, without fuzzing (pixel bruising) no matter how large or small you decide to make them. Custom illustrations can be simple or complex, in line or full page.  You can add them into your book, website, business forms, marketing, and advertisements. I charge by the job with a four hour minimum ($125). Most illustrations taken from infancy to finished product will take between five and twenty-five hours.